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Kelim Rug

Inspired by Middle-Eastern tapestry woven rugs (sometimes spelt Kilim or Khilim).

Standard finished size: 36x64 inches (can be adapted to different sizes).

Crewel wools stitched in Florentine on 14# canvas, best worked in traditional colours.

Price on application.


Frederick Florentine Rug

Central lozenge pattern inspired by the similar design of Frederick Florentine cushion - the border is a wider version of the same lozenge to compliment the scale of the piece.

Standard finished size: 55 x 33 inches Special sizes available on request.

Worked in crewel wool on 14# canvas.

Colour schemes: any standard scheme offered for the cushion, or can adapt to customer's own requirements.

Price on application.


Darsham Rug

An extremely versatile design, both in size and colour schemes, worked in Florentine stitchery in crewel wool.

Finished sizes: 6 squares long x 4 squares wide (60x44 inches) 7 squares long x 4 squares wide (70 x 44 inches) or to suit customer’s own requirements.

Colour schemes: all squares can be worked in the same combination, OR the central panel of designs can be worked in a contrasting or reversed scheme.

Price on application.