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The Needlepointers

The Needlepoint Network is run by Carolyn Dowie of All Stitched Up. Carolyn, her UK networkers and now 1 in the United States, run classes teaching interesting needlepoint techniques in a sociable and supportive atmosphere, and can supply all the materials you need.

New designs are produced each year by the Needlepoint Network, and All Stitched Up has exclusive access to the well known designs of Anna Pearson. You can buy complete needlepoint kits and accessories online from our design catalogue pages.


Latest Designs

Here is a selection of our most recent designs.

NOTE: Look out for 2 new designs to be launched in September.

Complete needlepoint kits and accessories can be bought online from our design catalogue pages.

Bottom left: Beverley I - more details
Top left: Beverley II - more details
Beverley III (launched 23/6/20) - more details
Top right: Joannie I - more details
Bottom left: Joannie II - more details
Centre: Joannie IV - more details

Accessories can be bought here.

Needlepoint Open Day Photograph

Open Days

Throughout the year Open Days are held by Needlepoint Networkers.

You can see a wide selection of photos taken at our open days in Northumberland, London, Hampshire, Dorset, London, Surrey, Norfolk, Suffolk and Sussex on our Open Days pages and when available details of forthcoming events.

A selection of Needlepoint designs