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Anna Pearson

Anna Pearson

My addiction to needlepoint, and that is what it is, started more than 30 years ago. At that time I had a successful interior decorating company in London. It was hard work dealing with subcontractors, builders, painters, curtain makers and the rest. Encouraged by friends, I took up needlepoint as a hobby and antidote to the stresses of a busy life. I expect that you may feel the same about this engaging, creative, and often social pastime.   

Very soon I realised that there was a whole lot more to needlepoint than a kind of painting by numbers.  I knew that I wanted designs graded by degree of complexity, choice of colourways, guidance, and particularly encouragement.  It also occurred to me that it would be really nice to have the option of joining a small class. I discovered that none of these were available in the UK, and I was sure that others would want the same things I did.  So, Anna Pearson Needlepoint was born.

Over the ensuing years I created the Needlepoint Network, which is a group of professionally trained tutors who teach my designs, and of course I have continued to design and teach.  

I still create new designs each year, always with new stitches and techniques. I particularly enjoy researching old techniques from 18th  and 19th century publications not normally associated with canvas work and incorporating them into my designs. Now, that my husband has retired,  we travel a good deal, which I find a great source of design inspiration, hence the names of some of my designs, - India, Tiles of St Marks, Fez, and the latest: Izmir and Smyrna. Each piece reminds me of the lovely location where I first saw the idea.  I continue to teach in London and each year I take a small group to the perfect location in the south of Italy where stitching is everyone’s passion. 

For many years I taught classes for the American Needlepoint Guild, raised money for the National Trust of Historic Preservation in the USA, and held classes in Italy and Australia. I have also written a number of books on the subject. Of these my favourites are ‘Needlepoint Stitch by Stitch’ and ‘The Complete Needlepoint Course’. They are all available on Amazon.  

All kit enquiries should go to All Stitched Up, all painted canvas enquiries to me When enquiring about any of the designs please do tell us of the area you live in – this will enable us to let you know whether there is one of these teachers who could send you invites to open events and class programs.  I know they would love to be put in touch.